CRES Club Meeting

August 21, 2014

The next meeting of the CRES Amateur Radio Club will take place on Thursday, August 21, at the New Albany Public Library. We'll start with a social hour at 5:45 pm, during which members are encouraged to bring a brown bag supper and dine with other club members. Kitchen facilities, including sink and microwave, are available for meal preparation.

At 6:45 pm we'll have a short business meeting, followed by our program for the evening, presented by Brad Swinehart AK8H, from the Lancaster area. His presentation will be on Tower and Antenna Safety, and he will also share some thoughts about radio frequency interference from power line sources. Several of us who also belong to the COOKEN Club of Licking County have heard his riveting talk before and we wanted him to bring it to CRES

Brad is not only an engaging speaker, he brings decades of experience and an incredible collection of photographs of tower and antenna installations, both excellent and disastrous. In addition, he will bring a huge duffel bag of climbing belts, equipment, and bits and pieces of power pole hardware which causes radio frequency interference (RFI). These impressive and unique examples will greatly increase your knowledge of this subject. Even if you don't own a tower and never plan on climbing one, or if you never have RFI problems, you will find Brad's talk fascinating, informative, entertaining, and (in some cases, unfortunately) down to earth. Don't miss it!

See you there!


Disaster is only a few unprepared moments away! Towers and antennas are wonderful things - if you treat them with respect.

CRES Radio Club

The CRES radio club was established in 1962 and serves the central Ohio area. Its goals include stimulating interest in amateur radio, the exchange of technical information, emergency readiness, and social activities for the membership and their families.

The Name CRES
The Western Electric facility at 6200 East Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio, also had a branch of Bell Laboratories co-located within the same facility. An umbrella organization within Western Electric provided guidance and funding to various employee clubs for both Western Electric and Bell Laboratories employees. The emphasis for these employee clubs was on Civic, Recreational, Educational and Social activities. Thus the various employee clubs under this umbrella guidance were known as the CRES Amateur Radio Club, the CRES Cycling Club, etc. With the demise of funding support of that organization, the CRES Amateur Radio Club eventually became a public club that was open to everyone. It retained the same club name: The CRES Amateur Radio Club, but we redefined CRES to be "Columbus Radio Enthusiasts Society."

Original QSL card

QSL card from around 1970

Weekly Net
The club sponsors an informal 2 meter NET every Sunday evening at 9 PM on its repeater (146.67/131.8) and via Echolink at W8ZPF-L (Node 782142). The NET is open to everyone - you do not need to be a member to join in. Visitors are always welcome and encouraged to participate.