Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be June 20th at the New Albany Library, 200 Market St, New Albany, Ohio.

Last meeting

  • Committee Reports:
    • Repeater: K8RSP reported that the existing repeater appears to be working well. He is close to installing the new Fusion repeater at the main site.
    • Echolink: KD8GRN has installed hardware at a new site.
    • VE-Exams: KD8ZG reported that they had 17 people attend their April 1 exam session and all but three upgraded
  • New Business:
    • N4DLR expressed a desire to have banners made to give the club more exposure at ham events such as hamfests.
    • Website: N4DLR and N4HAI have taken the lead in designing a new website,
    • Insurance: The club officers approved the purchase ARRL Club Liability Insurance.
    • Inventory: N4DLR announced that Secretary KD8WK is documenting club’s assets.

N8WL and W3CRZ who gave an in-depth talk about Field Day rules with emphasis on our club’s participation in the event.

Weekly Net

The club sponsors a 2 meter net every Sunday evening at 8 pm Eastern time on its repeater (146.67/131.8) and via Echolink at W8ZPF-L (Node 782142). The net is open to everyone – you do not need to be a CRES member to join. Visitors are always welcome and encouraged to participate.
Field Day Part 2
We had such a good time talking about Field Day last week, we’re going to do it again.

Field Day June 24-25


Bob W3CRZ and Steve N8WL are organizing our Field Day event at Infirmary Mound Park. We will be W8ZPF – 3A –  OH. Watch here for more information.